Perceptive Software Customer UWV Netherlands Takes Top Honors at 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management

UWV Netherlands wins Judges Choice Award, transcending all four categories to which finalists were judged.

SHAWNEE, Kan. – (6 June 2012) Perceptive Software, creator of content and process management products and solutions, announces that customer UWV Netherlands is the Judges Choice Award winner in the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management. The awards program is co-sponsored by The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and KMWorld. UWV was chosen the overall winner among 12 finalists who were judged in four categories including: Customer Facing; Public Sector; Healthcare; and Knowledge Worker Innovation.

WfMC inaugurated the Global Awards program for Adaptive Case Management (ACM) case studies last year to recognize and focus upon ACM use cases. According to WfMC, Adaptive Case Management, also known as Dynamic or Advanced Case Management, represents a radical new approach to supporting knowledge workers in today’s leading edge organizations. ACM provides secure, social collaboration to create and adapt goal-oriented activities that enable informed decision-making using federated business data and content.

“The UWV submission was the favorite among the judges.” said Keith Swenson, WfMC Chairman and founder of the ACM Awards program. “Factors that stood out were the clear alignment with goals, focus on customer satisfaction and demonstrable business benefit to the end user. It offers a compelling example of how ACM supports a data-driven process, allowing case workers to redo finished activities and revert to a previous state, or skip an activity as long as required data isn't missing - all providing flexibility in servicing a customer.”

UWV is a national organization delivering employee benefits such as unemployment, health and disability coverage to citizens in the Netherlands. Having used a process management system since 2001, the system was completely renewed and upgraded to a new version in early 2012 to improve the customer experience of a UWV customer that objected to an earlier decision of UWV. These objections are handled by the 1,500 employees of the Objections and Appeals division of UWV.According to the knowledge workers themselves, their new adaptive case management system offers them the possibility to live up to their customers’ expectations. Now workers can choose the optimal process path for an individual customer, helping UWV meet deadlines by providing access to all necessary information in a structured and efficient way.

“We needed an essential change of our system to combine the delivery of tailored customer service with efficient process support for our knowledge workers,” said Kees Brent, Head of UWV’s Legal Knowledge Center. “In a close and excellent cooperation with the development team, we brought this objective to life in the FLEKS-system, based on Perceptive BPMone. We are very pleased to win this Global Case Management Award, and see it as recognition of our approach.”

The case management system used at UWV is Perceptive Software BPMone. Case design was fully developed and deployed in BPMone and integrations are supported through BPMone Integration Framework. All document composition features are delivered through Perceptive Software ModusOne.

“UWV is very deserving of the Judges Choice Award,” said John Hoogland, Vice President and General Manager, Business Process Management, Perceptive Software. “As an organization, UWV has a clear vision of how to bring customer satisfaction to a new level and optimally support their knowledge workers in doing so. We are proud to have customers like UWV that challenge us to bring both flexibility and efficiency to their most complex business processes.”

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