Perceptive Software gives you greater visibility and control over the processes and data that drive your business. Our process and content management products bridge the information gap between your structured systems and your people, giving them a holistic view of the information they need to consistently do their jobs well.

Product CategoryContent

Manage all forms of content through their entire lifecycle.

Product CategoryProcess

Discover, design, execute and improve business processes.

Product CategoryCapture

Capture and extract data through imaging, e-forms and intelligent capture technologies.

Product CategorySearch

Search, find, extract, analyze and use the precise information needed.

Product CategoryInteract

Putting processes and content in the context of your enterprise applications

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The Perceptive Platform provides a foundation for process and content management that is fast, open, reliable, scalable and secure.

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Deployment Options

Customers have an array of deployment options to fit their needs: traditional on-premise, managed, or true cloud.

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OEM Technologies

Leverage mature, industry-leading technology and expertise in your product.

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Rebranded Products

The Perceptive product family has grown through the acquisition of several key technologies.

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