Intelligent Capture Powered by Brainware

Eliminate manual data entry and improve transactional efficiency

Many organizations invest in technologies to improve the flow of data, but they still struggle with costly process bottlenecks caused by inefficient, manual data entry and validation steps. That’s because more than 80 percent of intelligence is trapped inside unstructured, unmanaged documents — documents that have been difficult to automate. Until now.

Perceptive Intelligent Capture, powered by Brainware, accurately sorts paper and electronic documents based on their content, lifts critical information based on its context, validates it, and seamlessly passes it to your core business applications. Our underlying, proprietary technology abandons traditional template- and rules-based approaches to data capture in favor of advanced pattern-recognition techniques that work like the human mind.

So instead of mapping fields and defining key words for every document format, Intelligent Capture learns from a small sample set and then processes widely diverse document layouts without missing a beat. Invoice data is automatically streamed into financial management systems, remittance detail is available for cash application, personnel content flows into an ERP, and so forth — instantly, with no opportunity for human error.

This enables you to more efficiently process invoices, customer orders, remittances, loan applications, HR documents, and transcripts for higher education. And with no templates to build, our human-like learning approach provides the fastest and most accurate way to capture content on the front end and deliver it wherever you need it.

  • Provide template-free extraction of data from all types of unstructured documents
  • Reduce costly manual data entry by more than 80 percent from day one without IT-intensive setup
  • Eliminate volumes of exceptions, errors and manual rework that occur with less-advanced systems

Some of the largest brands in the world rely on Intelligent Capture’s unmatched capabilities to automate their business processes:

Business Process Support

  • Speed invoice processing from days or weeks to mere hours through AP automation
  • Reconcile remittances in seconds instead of hours or days in accounts receivable
  • Automate the identification and matching of healthcare EOBs and claims data
  • Extract 90 percent or more of the data needed to process mail automatically
  • Convert customer orders into revenue faster by eliminating manual data entry
  • Apply automation benefits to other departments, such as human resources

Technology Advancements

  • Classify or sort documents based on content without bar codes or other document identifiers
  • Capture data from complex documents based on context without templates, keywords, zones or anchors
  • Read and extract line-item detail from tables regardless of length or layout
  • Use fuzzy, fault-tolerant validation to automatically ensure accuracy of data before passing it to back-end systems

Platform and Application Integration

  • Integrate with virtually any enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management (ECM), data management (DMS), departmental and business system without disruption
  • Get the system up and running in days or weeks, generating ROI with page one on day one
  • Handle different document and file types, in different languages, across different departments
  • Take advantage of Perceptive’s integration framework that uses the data to initiate transactions inside business applications

Cloud-Based Intelligent Capture

  • Utilize intelligent data capture capabilities in the cloud, by way of Perceptive’s flexible hosting platform
  • Meet or exceed the level of security once reserved for internal IT, offering unparalleled data protection while still processing millions of documents per day

Reporting and Analytics

  • Better enforce controls and protocols, as well as demonstrate compliance with regulations
  • Provide real-time insight and analysis into capture processing with Visibility for Perceptive Intelligent Capture; gain immediate access to metrics and key performance indicators
  • Use our reports and dashboards to deliver comprehensive, detailed views of key processing steps

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