Perceptive Evolution Platform

You Business Processes, Empowered

The Perceptive Evolution enterprise-grade content platform manages your business processes flexibly and securely with unsurpassed content-delivery capabilities.  

Why Evolution?

Conventional ECM suites are often too rigid to support the rapidly changing demands of your business. That’s why we designed Perceptive Evolution to grow, flex and move with the pace of your business.

Evolution is a hybrid cloud foundation that mobilizes all the Perceptive product families — capture, content, process and search — within a unified environment. Evolution combines just the right functions and features, creating rich solutions that support your changing business information needs.

Your Content, In Context

Your content has value only when your employees, customers or partners use it. The Perceptive Evolution platform uses robust integration capabilities, combined with a flexible user interface framework, to support the diverse landscape of devices, applications and platforms your people use daily.  We leverage modern web technologies and standards to ensure your content is always available, useful and secure, whenever and wherever your people need it.

Governed, Compliant, Secure

Like any valuable enterprise asset, mismanaged enterprise content can create security and compliance risks. You need to govern who can access content, how and when they access it, and how content is distributed, stored and disposed. Perceptive Evolution provides certified security and encryption for your content, both at rest and in transport, helping you prevent data loss and control risks.

Scalable, Hybrid Deployment

Whether you deploy Perceptive solutions on premises, in the cloud, or both, our scalable, extensible platform  handles fluctuations in demand and in your changing business requirements – reliably and painlessly. Explore deployment options.

Integration, Your Way

Our comprehensive portfolio of integration capabilities improves your business processes, ensuring your people can find the content they need  – right where they need it – on the devices and systems they already use to do their jobs. Explore our integration capabilities

Extensible and Open

The service-oriented architecture (SOA) of our Evolution Platform is designed around, and supports, open web standards and protocols. With support for WSDL and SOAP, as well as REST-style architecture, your developers can easily extend the capabilities of Perceptive Evolution to build new applications your organization needs, using development tools you already use.