Infor Lawson Integration

When an organization cuts document processing time by half, saves thousands of dollars every week, and frees up key staff members to work on more strategic projects, heads start turning. Ardent Health Services in Nashville, Tennessee did all of that and more across its nine-hospital system by integrating Perceptive Software process and content management technology with its existing Infor Lawson system.

Perceptive Software provides complementary enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) functionality to Infor Lawson’s suite of enterprise resource planning software. Because of Perceptive integration technology, Infor Lawson customers like Ardent Health Services and hundreds more across a span of industries have realized measurable productivity boosts by placing content that drives business processes in context to the information native to the Infor Lawson application.

Integration with Infor Lawson

Perceptive Software provides a flexible array of integration methods for Infor Lawson. LearnMode™, our patented tool, “learns” screens within moments—without programming—and uses that information to seamlessly present just the right content to users when they need it.

Perceptive also offers web services integration and tools like Infor Lawson Process Automation Process Flow Integrator (for older versions). In addition, custom URLs can be embedded in View and Link buttons for easy access.

Perceptive Software partnered with Infor Lawson to develop the Perceptive Connector for AP Invoice Automation that provides a direct connection between invoice processing transactions in the Infor Lawson environment and Perceptive Content. The benefits include simplified invoice entry, automated invoice coding and approvals and fast access to invoice images and related information. This can be combined with our other solutions to help you achieve complete financial process automation. 

Benefits of integration

This means users of Infor Lawson S3, Infor Lawson M3, Portal or Smart Office can see scanned documents, email, online form information, workflow statuses, structured content and more right alongside their application. Vendor correspondence is in context to your AP10 screen, invoices in context to your AP20 or AP90 screens, employee documents in context to HR11. Eliminate the need to search filing cabinets, reference other databases or even leave the Infor Lawson application. Questions are answered in seconds. Documents are routed electronically. Distractions and inefficiency are minimized.

Perceptive integration is efficient and powerful, and it’s all built on your existing Infor Lawson technology investment. This means implementation happens faster, user adoption accelerates, and ROI accrues rapidly. Rich Infor Lawson integration fuels many Perceptive solutions, and is at the root of over 250 Infor Lawson customer success stories such as: