Microsoft SharePoint

When faculty and staff at a university of nearly 30,000 students can access personnel, academic, expense and other documents right inside SharePoint without having to jump into other applications, it’s no surprise when the school cites a 35 percent boost in staff productivity. University of the Free State in South Africa saw that and much more when it integrated Perceptive Software process and content management technology with Microsoft SharePoint.

Perceptive Software provides complementary enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) functionality to SharePoint. This tight integration brings the strengths of both applications together, providing SharePoint users a vastly extended set of document management capabilities to support and refine key business processes.

Through Perceptive’s integrated web part for SharePoint, your staff can:

  • Capture documents directly from SharePoint
  • Access a rich set of transactional content from across the organization, including invoices, resumes, payroll information, receipts, expense reports and more – without having to jump to different applications
  • Save time and money using Perceptive’s integration technologies to avoid custom SharePoint development for each disparate platform
  • Act on content using Perceptive Workflow, version control, digital signatures and more
  • Leverage sophisticated security measures from both Perceptive technology and SharePoint to ensure only authorized users can access information
  • Expose content stored in the ImageNow repository to self-service portals

Searching across SharePoint sites

Beyond the core capabilities available in the integrated web part, Perceptive Search is also a powerful tool that enables users to search content across the enterprise in addition to what’s available in SharePoint.