Rebranded Products

Perceptive Software has acquired several companies to bring together a comprehensive process and content management suite of products. Products from these companies have been integrated and rebranded into five core families:

  • Perceptive Capture: Capture and extract data through imaging, e-forms and intelligent capture technologies.
  • Perceptive Content: Manage all types of content through the entire lifecycle.
  • Perceptive Process: Discover, design, execute and improve business processes.
  • Perceptive Search: Search, find, extract, analyze and use the precise information needed.
  • Perceptive Interact: Capture and access data through integration with core business applications.

The table below includes the original and new names of the primary products for each company.

Company of Origin Original Product Name New Product Name Product Family
AccessVia AccessVia Designer Template Designer Perceptive Content
AccessVia AccessVia Publishing Platform Publishing Platform for Retail Perceptive Content
AccessVia Batch Manager Publishing Manager Perceptive Content
AccessVia Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Perceptive Content
AccessVia Central SignShop Central Publisher Perceptive Content
AccessVia Mobile In-Aisle Workforce Extension In-Aisle Publisher Perceptive Content
AccessVia Web dSignShop In-Store Publisher Perceptive Content
Brainware Brainware Distiller Perceptive Intelligent Capture Perceptive Capture
Brainware Globalbrain Globalbrain Perceptive Search
ISYS ISYS Document Filters Perceptive Document Filters Perceptive Search
ISYS ISYS Enterprise Server Perceptive Enterprise Search Perceptive Search
ISYS ISYS Workgroup Perceptive Workgroup Search Perceptive Search
Nolij Nolij Transfer Perceptive DataTransfer Perceptive Interact
Nolij Nolij Web Perceptive Nolij Web Perceptive Interact
Pallas Athena BPMone Control Perceptive Process Enterprise Perceptive Process
Pallas Athena ModusOne Perceptive Document Composition Perceptive Content
Pallas Athena Reflect Perceptive Process Mining Perceptive Process
Perceptive Software ImageNow Perceptive Content Perceptive Content
Twistage Twistage Perceptive Media Perceptive Content