Perceptive Nolij Web

Accelerate Student Processing with a Web-Based Solution

Today’s higher education professionals must control the vast amount of paperwork involved in admissions, financial aid and student record processing, as well as comply with regulatory compliance requirements…all while improving student service and satisfaction.

Perceptive Nolij Web gives users the flexibility of a fully web-based front end for interacting with documents and workflow, while adding the ability to provide truly integrated forms and Internet-based scanning capabilities. This solution simplifies the processing of student records by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks associated with toggling back and forth between host systems and student documents and information.

With Perceptive Nolij Web, you can:

  • Access critical documents and real time information with a single click
  • Utilize the browser and operating system of your choice
  • Work with any document on a document-neutral viewer
  • Provide customized, self-service options using pluggable architecture
  • Leverage flexible mobile and web-based technology to work anywhere on or off campus

Brochure: Perceptive Nolij Web

Discover how Perceptive Nolij Web enables instant access to documents and data with a single click

Case Study: University of Tampa

Learn how the University of Tampa significantly reduced the admissions process and uses less resources during peak enrollment periods

Perceptive and Nolij: Better Together

Two of higher education’s leading ECM providers are now one, offering you more options and greater flexibility