Perceptive Evolution Platform

Evolution starts here

The value connection between you and your customer is the core of your growth and success. But every day, that connection is stretched by changing processes and information challenges, and the influx of varied content types from inside and outside your organization.

Harnessing this change and tapping into its potential takes the right technical foundation—one designed to grow, flex and move with the pace of your business. This is the imperative behind Perceptive Evolution

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What is Evolution?

Designed to support the changing needs of our customers and partners, Perceptive Evolution platform is the scalable, hybrid cloud foundation powering the new generation of enterprise process and content management solutions.

Built for extensibility, the Evolution platform features superior web technologies that add value for customers and empower developers to create rich industry and departmental software solutions.

With Perceptive Evolution, modern knowledge workers have the secure and flexible information management foundation your changing world demands.

Explore Evolution

Perceptive Core: A common, scalable, global server platform for all Perceptive customers and partners


  • Highly scalable grid architecture
  • Modern web services design
  • Multi-multi-tenant (support for reseller model)
  • Unique hybrid cloud foundation
  • Automated provisioning
  • Expanded revenue model support

Perceptive Connect: One layer to connect with external systems, partners and customers


  • Library of productized connectors
  • Drag-and-drop design and management
  • Unified data abstraction layer
  • Partner-friendly open architecture to equip others to extend the “connect” library

Perceptive Experience: A single flexible user interface for all technologies, across all devices


  • Pluggable apps architecture
  • Reusable interface components
  • Advanced user experience
  • Shared services and context
  • “Core system” connected