Process and Content Solutions

The complete family of process and content management products built by Perceptive Software are powerful tools on their own. But when applied in the right combination, with the expertise of someone who knows your business inside and out, they become transformational solutions — keenly relevant to the biggest challenges in your specific line of business. Solutions that prime your team to perform together — moving you ahead further and faster than you ever thought possible.

Perceptive Software starts by taking the time to understand everything about how your team works — how you interact with the people you serve, your concerns about change, and your needs for the future. We separate the textbook routines from the unique — discovering which processes are working and which need refining or reimagining, in a way that your enterprise applications alone can't do.

With a comprehensive knowledge of your people, processes and enterprise applications, we apply years of real world experience in your field to create focused software solutions — blueprints for a new reality.


A reality where data is captured and converted to meaningful information early and easily, so Bridget in your London office can quickly and accurately process vendor payments.


A reality that eliminates the noise surrounding Dr. Mills' search for patient data so he can effortlessly complete his physician orders from home.


A reality where you have visibility into every step of your admissions process so you can design the smoothest path for every student applicant.