Expense Report Processing

Fast track your travel and expense processes

Perceptive Software expense report management solution dramatically decreases the time it takes to submit, review, approve, bill and report on expenses. By providing instant access to receipts and other expense documents from your business applications and web portals, our expense reporting system eliminates manual sorting and entry by automatically binding receipts to associated expense reports in your financial software.

Our expense report management solution supports your requirements for travel expense reporting, manages exceptions and verifies that all receipts are connected to valid transactions. You’ll also have a complete audit trail and be able to track every receipt and document.

Using Perceptive Software's expense report management system, you can:

  • Create a secure repository for all travel- and expense-related documents
  • Compile and send receipts, time sheets and other billing documents quickly
  • Enhance expense control by comparing expenses against receipts
  • Reduce workload by shifting receipt-expense matching to submitting personnel
  • Minimize the potential for lost, misplaced, destroyed or orphaned items
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