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Complete your patient record with medical content management

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Complete the patient record to improve care

Do you struggle to give your clinicians a complete patient record that goes beyond the discrete data stored in the electronic medical record (EMR)?

As your organization moves from paper to digital, it’s easy for patient information to become trapped in unstructured formats that are stored in department silos such as OR, ED, PACS/RIS and other cardiology and pathology imaging systems. Manually bringing together information from these silos to give your clinicians a complete picture of a patient is costly and time consuming.

Perceptive Software has brought together industry-leading enterprise content management, vendor neutral archive and image capture and connectivity technologies to help our customers deliver a complete patient record within existing applications.

Improve patient care

Unify and take control of your clinical images

Your healthcare IT systems were likely not built to support a connected ecosystem of specialities and organizations. To magnify the problem you are now facing an explosion of clinical content due to the introduction of new imaging technology like genomics.

Vendor neutral archive (VNA) technology unifies your clinical images, driving improved care and reduced costs. Learn more about the world's market-leading Perceptive VNA, from acquired Acuo Technologies.

Control clinical Images

Manage the explosion of patient information

The moment a patient walks in the door documents like patient forms, insurance cards, HIPAA compliance documents and inquiries for medical histories are created. Due to regulation and new technology, patient information within your organization is multiplying and a majority of it is unstructured content.

Perceptive Software solutions for patient administration help you capture, manage, store and deliver all unstructured patient information within your existing applications.

Unlock patient information

Streamline operations across your back office

Optimizing accounting and financials, human resources and compliance operations is critical. Your organization must find efficiency to both reduce costs and scale for growth.

Perceptive Software delivers versatile process and content management solutions for back office departments—seamlessly integrated with your ERP and other resource management applications.

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