Solutions for Health Information Management

Enhance the management of patient information

The role of health information management (HIM) is expanding to include management of all types of clinical content including PACS images, email, video, and speech files. All of this content plays a role in ensuring your organization’s compliance with legal and regulatory mandates. Additionally, you and your clinicians must able to locate and access all information in order to compile a complete legal health record. Inefficient HIM processes are time consuming, delay coding turnaround and obstruct patient care.

With Perceptive Software solutions your team can optimize your HIM processes by capturing, organizing and managing the patient documentation required to deliver care, complete the revenue cycle and fulfill release of information requests.

To complement your electronic medical record (EMR), our solutions integrate seamlessly with health information, clinical and business systems. Users have single-click access to patient documentation within the EMR. Advanced enterprise content management features help you manage your processes efficiently, benefiting clinicians, staff and patients alike. As a result, you can:

  • Simplify chart deficiency tracking with advanced document management features
  • Use bar-coding technology to speed medical records scanning and make scanned charts immediately available across your facility
  • Enhance remote coding with anytime, anywhere document retrieval
  • Streamline release of information requests by enabling staff to easily process requests and collect chart components
  • Safeguard confidential patient charts in a secure electronic repository
  • Manage and maintain records throughout their lifecycle, from creation through final disposition