Avis Europe plc

Avis Europe selected Perceptive Content integrated document management, imaging and workflow to facilitate easy information sharing between its new Business Support Center in Budapest, Hungary, and business offices across Europe. Perceptive Content and WebNow allow 430 users in six departments to instantly retrieve and simultaneously view document images that are stored remotely using Perceptive Content Content Server at collocation facilities in London and Frankfurt.

Immediate data access enables customer service representatives to answer inquiries immediately, without putting people on hold. Perceptive Content Mail Agent captures incoming invoices and other e-mail attachments, and imports them into Perceptive Content. They are automatically routed to the appropriate workflow queue and approved using an electronic stamp. This speeds invoice processing and eliminates the time inefficiencies associated with paper workflow.

Perceptive Software's unique, customer-focused approach includes hands-on implementation and training that has empowered Avis to administer Perceptive Content independently and without the limitations of a long-term maintenance agreement.


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