Infor Lawson

Sharing industry and technical expertise with companies like Infor Lawson helps Perceptive Software meet customers' specific document management needs. Infor Lawson decided that Perceptive Content was also the best fit for its own accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes.

Using patented LearnMode™ technology, Perceptive Content seamlessly integrated with the Infor Lawson Portal and Infor Lawson LID environments in the Infor Lawson AP and AR departments. Integration establishes a link between document images in Perceptive Content and records in Infor Lawson, allowing users to instantly retrieve the documents they need from their Infor Lawson LID screen.

Single-click document access enables Infor Lawson's AR department to complete reconciliations, journal entries and month-end processes in a timelier manner. Before Perceptive Content deployment, associates printed hard copies of financial reports and took them to managers for approval, a time-consuming process that diverted staff away from other tasks.

By replacing slow, manual procedures with automated Perceptive workflow, Infor Lawson quickened the movement of documents between individuals and departments. Perceptive Content’s reporting features make it easy for managers to monitor the progress of documents throughout their lifecycle and provide proof to Sarbanes-Oxley auditors that invoices are approved in a defined, repeatable process.


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