ManTech International Corporation

Using patented integration technology, Perceptive Content forged a seamless connection between employee records in Mantech's PeopleSoft Expense module and supporting data, enabling users to immediately retrieve the documents they need to reimburse employees. Host system integration was part of a timely, cost-effective implementation that Perceptive Software completed in just one week — a third of the time that was scheduled.

Perceptive Content has also made it easier for ManTech to retrieve expense reports and receipts that the company sends to customers. Prior to implementation, employees in other departments called AP processors to request documents. A time-consuming manual search that diverted staff members in both departments away from other responsibilities ensued. Now, employees in other departments access the documents they need in WebNow, the full featured, browser-based complement to Perceptive Content. Retaining electronic files instead of hard copies reduces the risk of misplacing expense documents.


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