Oregon State University

Financial aid was the first Oregon State department to deploy Perceptive Software solutions. This involved two main steps: first, scanning all historical student aid files into the electronic repository, and second, establishing an electronic workflow that mimicked the prior paper-based approach to handle new applications.

When relying on a paper-based workflow, progress halted as folders went between employees’ desks and only one person could view a document at any one time. Now, staff members can simultaneously view applications, enabling them to make faster and more collaborative decisions. And with students' entire files easily accessible in one place, these decisions are more informed than when dealing with disparate pieces of paper.

Since scanning its existing student financial aid files into the Perceptive Software solution and processing new applications with automated workflow, Oregon State’s financial aid office has reclaimed the floor space in a large storage room and along a 35-foot wall, which was once lined with file cabinets.


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