University of Tampa

The University of Tampa was struggling with paper-based processes, with documents misplaced, processes delayed and information sharing across campus restricted. When document flow increased during peak times, such as leading up to early decision deadlines, UT hired many additional seasonal staff, who required dedicated training, equipment and software.

Implementing process and content management solutions from Perceptive Software has eliminated these challenges. Now, incoming content is captured and electronically routed to the appropriate staff. Decision time has been reduced, and content can be shared across campus without waiting for hard copy delivery. UT has reduced the number or seasonal hires, and those staff it does take on are experienced workers who can do their jobs from anywhere from a web-based interface, with no need for additional software or training.


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Academic Advising, Admissions, Deans Office, Registrar
Products in Use
Perceptive DataTransfer, Perceptive Nolij Web