Perceptive Secure Print

Eliminate the risk of check fraud with greater control over your payment processes

As a part of your operations, issuing payments and responding to invoices quickly is vital. That means, keeping checks on hand. And while the rest of your company may be making the move to paperless, nearly 80% of business-to-business (B2B) transactions are still made by check.1

Meanwhile, that preprinted check stock sitting throughout your organization is expensive to purchase, store, distribute and track, and makes you susceptible to check fraud.

The challenges of using preprinted check stock are clear: 

  • Risk of fraud: Preprinted stock has to be closely monitored to mitigate fraud risk.
  • Cost of preprinted stock: Expensive to purchase, store and reprint if company information changes.
  • Lack of automation: Manual processes that use journal entries can introduce human error and lead to additional time spent researching, reconciling and auditing.
  • Time-intensive processes: Your staff has less time to interact with customers to promote your products and services

Perceptive Secure Print is a secure approach to check issuance and process monitoring. With our partner Source Technologies, we offer an integrated software and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printer solution that delivers secure printing for documents, such as checks, on an as-needed basis.

Gain control and visibility, and automate a process that is still largely performed manually. Reduce waste across your organization by printing only the checks you need, when you need them.

With Perceptive Secure Print:

  • Increase security with blank check stock: Utilize blank check stock to immediately reduce the potential for fraud. MICR printers produce the entire check, including fixed data found on preprinted stock, as well as the variable data, such as payee name, legal amount and date.
  • Establish user-defined rules: Integrate controlled check issuance. Source Technologies’ software, CheckPartner Enterprise, enables businesses to implement user-defined rules around item types, issuers, reporting and post-issuance reconciliation.
  • Understand processes throughout your organization: Monitor workflows from a central location and gain insight over your check-distribution processes.
  • Automatically keep your records up to date: At the time of print, a voided, digital copy is captured into Perceptive Content.
  • Leverage your investment: With the connector to Perceptive Content, build upon your investment to expand functionality into other areas of your organization.

1. 2013 Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Payments Fraud and Control Survey