SAP: BPM and ECM Integration

When a leading Texas electricity cooperative can cut invoice processing time by 75%, implement strong document retention policies for compliance, and refine key business processes across accounting, asset management and contract management, its owners – the thousands of residents across 14 Texas counties –benefit tremendously. Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, responsible for 80,000 meters, did all of that and more by integrating Perceptive Software process and content management technology with SAP.

Perceptive Software provides complementary enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) functionality to SAP. This tight integration gives your staff the best of both worlds: the power of SAP, plus instant access to the content driving their business process. Because of their success optimizing accounting processes, Bluebonnet extended Perceptive products across multiple departments where SAP is used.

Perceptive Software provides an array of integration methods for SAP. These support rapid integration with SAP, substantially reduce the cost of keeping the Perceptive integration in step with SAP upgrades, and eliminate the risks from altering SAP transaction logic.

Most popular is LearnMode, our patented tool that “learns” screens within moments — without any programming — and uses that information to seamlessly present just the right content to the user at their precise moment of need. LearnMode can integrate with any SAP screen, an advantage over SAP’s own ArchiveLink solution. Customers have described LearnMode as “magical” and we don’t disagree.

Further integration with SAP

In addition to LearnMode, Perceptive Software can employ a set of unique connectors for SAP environments.

  • Connector for SAP ArchiveLink, an SAP-certified ECM and Data Archiving solution, frees the SAP database to run just transactional data by archiving attachments, print lists, Archives and other business content into the highly efficient Perceptive repository. System performance jumps up, and content becomes centralized.
  • Connector for SAP ArchiveLink Plus enables SAP users to automatically tie documents from different sources such as file servers, email, and legacy systems to SAP transactional data.
  • Connector for SAP Financial Accounting provides the highest level of invoice processing automation between Perceptive and SAP by enabling the automatic creation of SAP Financial Accounting transactions and boasting the ability to park or post to many SAP transactions. Coupled with Perceptive Capture products, errors and processing time are minimized.

Integration with SAP and Perceptive Software puts complete information right at your staff’s fingertips, whether processing invoices in Accounting and Financials, onboarding employees in Human Capital Management, or providing great customer support via CRM. Happily, the need to search filing cabinets, wander from desk to desk asking about a lost document, or even leave the application at all is removed.

Perceptive integration is seamless, efficient and powerful, and it’s all built on your existing SAP technology investment. This translates to faster implementations, accelerated user adoption, and measurable ROI. This becomes evident in our many customer case studies, including:

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